RCC students

How generous donors make an education possible for Robeson students

Educational opportunity and the chance for a better life is the purpose of the scholarship programs at Robeson Community College.

Robeson County is not considered an affluent area. Consequently most students attending Robeson Community College receive some form of financial aid. Privately-supported scholarships from the Robeson Community College Foundation help nearly 100 students each year. Many students come from working families where a couple’s combined income would disqualify them from any federal aid for education. Without a scholarship, these students would “fall through the cracks,” unable to pursue their educational goals and provide a better life for themselves and their families.

Scholarships-last year amounting to almost $100,000-make the difference between a dream realized and a dream forever lost.

No deserving student is turned away from Robeson because he or she cannot afford a college education. The guarantee of educational opportunity is a reality for any student who will work hard and has the desire to succeed.

Scholarships can provide resources for tuition, fees, books, supplies, uniforms, tools and equipment.

Some of the scholarships available through the Foundation are for specific disciplines or needs, while others are unrestricted.

For more information, contact the Foundation at 910.272.3235 or email relowry@robeson.edu.

Applying for scholarships can also help finance your education. Check out the following links for scholarship searches and information: