The Robeson Community College Advantage illustration of students

Top-Notch Instructors

Community colleges have top-notch instructors who devote their time to teaching and helping students achieve their goals.

Robeson Community College faculty members have excellent credentials. Those who teach in university transfer programs have at least a master’s degree, and some hold doctorates. Many also have real-life experiences in the fields in which they teach, special certifications, or both. An important factor is that those who teach at RCC regard themselves as professional teachers rather than researchers. They thrive on direct contact with students and focus their energies on the classroom experience.

Small Classes

Robeson Community College is committed to limiting class size. At RCC, average class size is about 17 students, so most instructors know everyone’s names and they keep up with students personally. The smaller classes help students get more involved, and student involvement is shown to be an important factor in overall success.

Special Programs

Robeson Community College is a super place to start if earning a four-year or graduate degree is the goal. In fact, North Carolina Community Colleges have transfer agreements with North Carolina public and private universities.

Chart showing Lifetime Earning Value of Associate’s Degree over High School Diploma = $441,000

Social Advantages

There’s more to college than classrooms and textbooks. Community college students can participate in student government, student organizations, honors programs and other activities. By getting involved in clubs and other activities, students get real-life, hands-on college experience.


Perhaps the greatest strength of two-year colleges is their flexibility. Want to work during the day and attend school at night? That shouldn’t be a problem. Robeson offers a mix of day, evening, online and weekend courses. Some degrees can be obtained totally through online classes.

Interested in transferring? Students can complete a year or two of studies at a fraction of the cost of a four-year college or university, and then transfer.

Want to avoid four-year colleges? RCC offers programs that take anywhere from one semester to one or two years to complete, which allows for quick entry into the workforce.